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Accessibility Options


We have gone to great care to make this site as accessible as possible.

The code is W3C xhtml and CSS compliant.


Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid CSS!

And we have followed the FAE Ruleset accessibility guidelines which covers considerations such as

If you have difficulty with the font size most browsers enable you to increase the size of the display of the site by clicking the 'Ctrl' button and the '+' button.

However if you are having difficulty with the site in general we have alternate layouts.

You need to have javascript and cookies enabled for these versions to work.

Here is a

low graphics version

and a

text only version

and this is to go back to the

Standard Version


We will also be undertaking an accessibility audit with a view to offering a number of display options to enable visitors to customize how the site is displayed to suit their own needs.

We welcome any feedback from users and suggestions on how to make the site more accessible.

You can contact us by email or by going to the contacts page.