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Case Studies

Cyrenians Employment and Training’s clients come from all walks of life and each has their own unique story to tell about how they came to be involved with the organisation. Here is a selection of stories from our clients to give an idea of some of the barriers they have overcome to gain skills and qualifications through CET.

Please check these pages regularly for the latest breaking news on what’s happening in our centres, with our clients and throughout our sector.




Community Centre EntranceCeri has been a member at the Cyrenians Community Centre for the past three years. Prior to coming to the Community Centre Ceri was homeless and sleeping rough on the streets, she was also moving between B&B and other Hostels. She had a drug and alcohol problem which became much worse when she was homeless.

However since becoming a member at the Cyrenians Community Centre Ceri no longer has substance misuse issues, she has a home and she has completed a number of qualifications.

Ceri says

“I’ve done training in first aid, Naxolone training, cookery, guitar and computer lessons and gardening. I attend SANDS (Swansea Drug Project) and now live in my own flat with support from Cyrenians Cymru, I have been clean for over a year.”

Ceri is a keen gardener and one of the highlights of the year for her has been her involvement in the silver medal winning ‘Places of Change Garden’ at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show which she got involved in through the Cyrenians Community Centre.

Ceri says

“Being involved in The Chelsea Flower Show, meant that I finally had the opportunity to do something meaningful for me and everyone involved. It has given me the opportunity to say thank you to the Cyrenians for all the help they have given me over the years. It has given me a focus on something positive and made me feel very happy and included.”





Tuk Tuk Logo Christine Jones is a key member of Staff with Cyrenians Employment and Training, working on the newly established Tuk Tuk Box workplace breakfast and lunch delivery business.

The happiness and success Christine is experiencing now is in sharp contrast to how things were a year ago. Despite having worked for many years in the hospitality industry, a personal situation led Christine to find herself without a job and a home and not wanting to burden friends or family soon found herself sleeping rough on the streets of Swansea.

Through some of the referral agencies around Swansea Christine came to hear about Cyrenians Employment and Training and went to the Cyrenians Community Centre for food and to meet new people, before long se was volunteering in the kitchen and completing OCN courses which led to her being offered a full time job at the Community Centre.

Christine says:

“The organisation is amazing, especially for what they have done for me, this time last year I was homeless and fearing for my safety on the streets now I have my own flat, a job, support and have been really involved in setting up the Tuk Tuk Box.

Initially I started out as a volunteer at the Cyrenians Community Centre because I wanted to give something back and working made me feel like I was worthwhile and normal again. Now that I have a job I feel like there is nothing I can’t do and through the support of the Cyrenians I have the courage to do it.”